Apaxil Anti-Shine Face Cream for the Day

The face is often an area that people with excessive sweating are concerned about.

Heat, physical exercise, anger, anxiety and other stressful situations can be the causes of excessive perspiration, along with an over-rich diet. The shininess and sweating of the T zone may become something that even a tissue cannot control: in fact this constant ‘mopping’ only makes the problem more evident to others and causes further embarrassment.
It can also be difficult to get make-up to stay on your face!
To help solve this uncomfortable problem Apaxil has developed Apaxil Anti-Shine Face Cream.
It’s innovative formula contains a maize by-product which absorbs excess oil and sweat produced by the skin, leaving your skin dry, clean and soft for the whole day.

The Apaxil Anti-Shine Face Cream is effective against facial perspiration but also against all other facial impurities. This is why it is a popular amongst adolescents to fight juvenile acne and also amongst women as it is an effective make-up base.