Pegasus Italia srl

Company founded in 1996 by Bjørn Christophersen. In 2002 his daughter Hilde Berit Christophersen entered the business, after a career in well-known creative agencies.
Currently the company is run by his daughter with the constant support of her father.

The founder: Bjørn Christophersen

Born during the Second World War, during the period of the Nazi occupation in Norway, he immediately showed an independent spirit by finding a job, at only 15, on a ship bound for New York where he perfected his English and won a scholarship, AFS (American Field Service), that allowed him to go to Atlanta at the age of only 17. Back in Norway, a year later he meets Anne, who became his wife and his fundamental point of reference.
It is in Georgia, and more precisely in Atlanta, that he graduated from Business College, in 1962. His career led him and his family to live in five different countries of the world and they moved 22 times.
He has three children and 9 grandchildren, distributed in 9 different countries.

Professional life

In the United States, during a summer job in the university period, in Pennsylvania he dealt with the sale of Vicks Vaporub.
The collaboration with the Vicks company (purchased in 1985 by Procter & Gamble) continued , in Scandinavia, with the launch of the Vicks cough tablets, the Clearasil product against pimples, Pampers nappies and the first Ariel liquid detergent.
On the Italian market, he was responsible for the launch of the Vicks Vaporub TV campaign since 1967. In addition, he managed the Milton brand, liquid for  sterilizing bottles and teats, the Napisan brand(disinfectant detergent for cotton nappies), the Infasil brand for bathing  newborns, Hegor and Mediker, pharmaceutical shampoos…
He managed the Panten brand, liquid hair treatment and shampoo with Pantyl vitamins, and the Keramin H hair treatment. He also purchased the AZ brand for Vicks International.
A professional experience of over 30 years of cosmetic brand management and launches in many countries of the world.


Bjorn Christophersen

Bjørn Christophersen has always had the primary objective of understanding the real needs of the consumer in order to face and try to solve problems that have always been considered taboo, such as pimples or dandruff.
Over the past 25 years, he has felt strongly about using his experience to create, together with his daughter Hilde Berit Christophersen, products that aim to help solve, and create awareness of another important problem: hyperhidrosis. The remedy is called Apaxil.