Apaxil Anti-shine Face Cream 50ml

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An effective mattifying face cream. It absorbs excess sebum and sweat, and removes impurities. Daily use makes the skin feel fresh and soft.

APAXIL ANTI-SHINE FACE CREAM was designed to prevent the discomfort and embarrassment of a "shiny" face. TV presenters suffer from it particularly, and the new Apaxil formula was born specifically for them. It effectively absorbs the sebum produced by the skin leaving a fresh feeling of silkiness and a dry look. Many women have found that the Apaxil mattifying cream is ideal as a makeup base too.

APAXIL ANTI-SHINE FACE CREAM is effective against impurities of the face in general. It is particularly suitable for fighting juvenile acne.

APAXIL ANTI-SHINE FACE CREAM represents a new generation of face creams. In fact, the cream should not be massaged on the face but should be gently tapped with the fingers, until absorbed. To reactivate the anti-shine effect during the day, you can simply tap your face gently with your fingers, without applying the cream.

APAXIL ANTI-SHINE FACE CREAM does not reduce sweating levels of the face. If the sweating from the face is excessive we recommend applying the Apaxil Sudor Control Underarms Night Treatment on some parts of the face to reduce sweating levels. But the treatment should be used carefully. Read the instructions here or write to info@apaxil.com for further information.

Read the experiences of those who have already tried the Apaxil Anti-Shine Face Cream product
against a shiny face and the Apaxil Sweat Control Night Treatment against excessive sweating of the face.

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Anti-shine face cream

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Very good cream

In the last 2 weeks I used a face cream.
At first I used it as a basic care, and then as a base for makeup. In
both cases, I was pleased with the cream. The skin became more matte and smooth, in the evening did not appear oily shine even in a stuffy office. I rarely used powder and matting wipes.

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