Apaxil Antiperspirant Wipes 20 sachets

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Practical antiperspirant wipes that eliminate excessive sweat and provide protection against sweat formation.

Pratical antiperspirant wipes that eliminate excessive sweat and provide potection against sweat formation.

Hyperhidrosis: Apaxil Antiperspirant Wipes are disposable wipes, based on the Apaxil antiperspirant formula. The product was developed for people suffering from hyperhidrosis because it means having Apaxil always handy, in every moment of the day, in a practical and discreet manner. Apaxil eliminates excessive sweat and at the same time provides a unique protection against sweat formation, leaving the skin soft and dry.

Sweating: hyperhidrosis aside, there are numerous situations in which sudden sweating occurs. A night at the club, in the gym, during an interview or presentation, on stage, on a particularly hot day, are all contexts in which we often feel uncomfortable due to temporary excessive sweating. Apaxil Antiperspirant Wipes are the most practical and effective solution for everyone.

The Apaxil Antiperspirant Wipes are suitable for all parts of the body.

Wipe your skin with the Apaxil Antiperspirant Wipes before a long day or a long night out in order to reduce the level of sweating or keep the Apaxil Antiperspirant Wipes handy for any moment you find yourself sweating excessively. Avoid contact with mucous membranes such as the lips, eyes, genitals, nostrils.

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