Apaxil Sweat Control Hands/Feet also works against excessive sweating of the head!

I suffered from hyperhidrosis of the scalp. It means that your hair is almost always wet. It's terrible!

Then one day a friend of mine gave me Apaxil Sweat Control Hands / Feet,  to try on my head. And ... it worked!

Apaxil Sudor Control Hands / Feet is a gel. The first night I put it on my head, massaging the scalp with my fingers, and then went to bed. The next morning I washed my hair with my usual shampoo, making sure the product didn't get into my eyes. I did the same procedure for 3 nights in a row and ... the sweating from the head was gone!

Now I only do this once a month or so. When I feel that the sweating starts to increase I repeat the treatment for 3 days, and my problem is, and remains, solved. Thank you, Apaxil!

The image in this article does not represent the real author of the testimony.

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