I found Apaxil Sweat Control by chance on the internet. It worked. I couldn't believe it!


It’s no use trying to tell you how embarrassing and annoying hyperhidrosis is, and how difficult it has made the last 8 years of my life. Even the dermatologists that I have been to see were not able to explain my excessive sweating. Therefore, for the whole of this time I have had to wearing black t-shirts, feeling embarrassed even when giving a simple hug...

You have changed my life! Thank you from my heart, Apaxil


I bought Apaxil armpits night after reading the testimonials but I was skeptical. I sweat so much, much too much. In winter I have sweat patches on my shirt, not to mention in the summer! In my wardrobe I only had black and white clothes, no blue-green colours, etc. My work leads me to have contact with the public all day and I often had to change several times. I've tried everything. I was thinking about the operation but one day I read about Apaxil. Let's try, I thought.

Now I am more confident when I am with other people. Thank you, Apaxil.


I will never stop thanking the genius who solved my problem for me. My wardrobe was all BLACK because it was the best colour for hiding my ugly sweat marks. Apart from the esthetic side, I also solved a social problem that was adversely affecting me in many different circumstances. 

I finally found the pleasure of wearing t-shirts and coloured shirts


After doing alot of research and trying many different antiperspirants I had decided that to undergo surgery to defeat my axillary hyperhidrosis. Then I discovered Apaxil. 

Thanks to Apaxil my life today is different


Well yes, my life today is different: thanks to Apaxil I can lift my arms up when I want to, I don’t have to change and keep changing, I can wrap my arms around someone without being embarrassed about the ugly perspiration patches...

I recommend Apaxil to anyone who is afraid of underarm sweat patches


After only 2 applications the sweat disappears completely and you forget about all the distressing and embarrassing situations….Bye!!

Finally I can raise my arms


Finally I can raise my arms to the sky without feeling ashamed of my sweaty armpits. Thank you.

The effectiveness of this product is incredible


The effectiveness of this product is incredible…I have tried everything else…my excessively sweaty underarms have always accompanied me, preventing me from wearing coloured shirts and tops…

No more embarrassment


I bought Apaxil 3 days ago, after finding the products on Internet in a forum dedicated to axillary hyperhidrosis. Thank you, Apaxil, you couldn't have given me a better present.

I danced at my wedding


I would like to tell you about my experience with Apaxil products, not just because it was wonderful, but because it allowed me to enjoy the best day of my life without fear of sweating too much and feeling ashamed.