Apaxil: miraculous product!

I’m a 21yr old who suffered from underarm hyperhidrosis between the ages of 17 to 19…. Ruining all my tops with sweat marks….until I discovered Apaxil on the Internet one day…I bought some on-line and it arrived by post. I started to use it frequently and realised I didn’t sweat anymore after the first time, I was really happy, and the body odour that I sometimes had has also gone, making me much more self-confident and able to make closer contact with others!!! I have since been able to stop using Apxil because it has completely re-stabilised me in just two years!! No longer a victim of hyperhidrosis!! I am finally happy, and willing to advise everyone who suffers from underarm hyperhidrosis to try it because it’s MIRACULOUS!! Bye!! Federica from Lodi

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