Apaxil really works. I can't believe it!

It’s no use trying to tell you how embarrassing and annoying hyperhidrosis is, and how difficult it has made the last 8 years of my life. Even the dermatologists that I have been to see were not able to explain my excessive sweating. Therefore, for the whole of this time I have had to wearing black t-shirts, feeling embarrassed even when giving a simple hug. I found Apaxil Sweat Control by chance, surfing the internet, and I must admit that I ordered it with little hope. I had tried to remedy my problem with other creams and deodorants that promised the earth but were always a letdown, and so with the little hope I had left I waited for the post to arrive. Once I tried it, I discovered that it worked! I couldn’t believe it. I’ve been using this product for five months and with one or two applications each week. I’ve resolved a problem that is not vital, but it is a problem that can take away a person's social life. Thank you, Apaxil. Marina - Bergamo

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