I suffered from hyperhidrosis for over 20 years - with Apaxil I feel reborn!

I feel like Asterix with his magic potion since I’ve been using Apaxil. For more than 20 years I have been suffering from this problem of axillary hyperhidrosis, a problem that interfered  incredibly with my personal and professional daily life. And then, the tragedy of not being able to tell anyone!

Today I feel reborn. I have been using Apaxil for 4 months and I don't FEEL like another person. I AM another person!

I can now stand close to people without fear, I can take off my jacket or cardigan and buy those clothes that I could only look at before, and I come home at the end of the day without having to rush to change. I was sick of having all that humidity on me.

I hope all this never ends!



The image in this article does not represent the real author of the testimony.

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