It’s so wonderful to be able to hug everybody!

I’m a 25 yr old lady. I realized that I had this problem about 11 years ago, but it didn’t let it bother me, I had a normal social life. The only inconvenient thing was that I only dressed in black. For about two or so years I realized that I was having difficulty with other people, my perspiration kept increasing and it was making my life hell, despite hiding it with black clothes. I started a new job, after a few months they started asking why I wouldn’t hug anyone. I understood that my life was becoming a tragedy, and I suffered, suffered incredibly… In the meantime I went to the bathroom every half hour to freshen up my underarms with tissues. They were always wet, even with a fan and air conditioning, in summer and winter. I always had to hide this hateful problem. I was obsessed by the perspiration, the smell, by not being able to buy and wear the colours and materials that I liked and loved, my choice was limited to the few things that would hide the damp patches under my arms. Until one evening I found this magic product on internet and read all the testimonials, I could sympathise with every word. My mother told me not to get my hopes up but I bought some immediately…and from the very first application…it has been incredible…not even one drop of perspiration. After 2 days I went to buy pink tops and every other colour. It’s fantastic I feel as if I’m dreaming to be able to wear what I like without perspiring even if it’s extremely hot. I’ll never be able to thank the people who have created this product because they have given me back my life and the confidence I had in myself and it’s so wonderful to be able to hug everybody….    

The image in this article does not represent the real author of the testimony.

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