Never ending thanks, Apaxil! This evening will be the third time I put it on, but as soon as I used it the first time there was no way to describe the results!!! I had suffered from hyperhydrosis for 10 years, no-one could appreciate how I was feeling, everyone said it was healthy to sweat, I’d like to see them with wet sweat marks under their arms!!! It had become so much of a nightmare for me that the first thing I noticed in a person was whether they were sweaty, and if they weren’t I felt a slight envy (in a good sense) for them…. Thanks to Apaxil I can now even save electricity as I don’t have to use the washing machine as much!!!! As soon as I would wear a top, I had to change within an hour as it would be dripping – I used to wear my long hair loose in front of me to hide the stains!!!! I can now wear coloured tops, and think about it, wear them twice if I feel like it!!!

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