The effectiveness of this product is incredible

My dear friends, the effectiveness of this product is incredible…I have tried everything else…my excessively sweaty underarms have always accompanied me, preventing me from wearing coloured shirts and tops…well, sometimes I would wear them, resulting in unsightly enormous sweat stains after 20minutes, meaning that I had to go around with my arms stuck to my sides to avoid showing them…but you could see them anyway! Imagine my frustration and shame.. and my boyfriend , every time he touched me, would exclaim “but why are you so wet here?”. I’m sure you can understand my embarrassement…..and the Mickey taking, from people who have never had this problem, and therefore can't understand, and make fun of you! Then I discovered Apaxil….from the second or third application I stopped sweating, even after running several Km! I can wear coloured tops, shirts, and I’m always alright in any condition, whether it’s hot or whatever!! The only thing I can say is: THANK YOU APAXIL!

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