The nightmare is over!

It’s been a while since I have thought about the times I could only wear a top for a few moments without it becoming dripping with sweat. At work the situation had become unbearable and I’ve always had to try the impossible to hide this embarrassing problem. I’ve watched and envied others who could stay dry, clean, in blazing hot or freezing cold and I felt defeated inside. It had become a habit to dry myself with a tissue and always feel that hateful damp sticky sensation. In the winter I sweated and sweated under layers of clothes. When I got home in the evening my clothes were soaking with perspiration. The only person who knew was my mother. But I suffered, I suffered a lot. I thought there was no solution. Now, at work, whenever I go to the bathroom I lift up my arms to look in the mirror and I can’t believe that I’m still dry. Also on the bus, in the hot summer I would have had such large stains, but now this nightmare is over and my life has started over again, for which I will thank you forever.    

The image in this article does not represent the real author of the testimony.

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