With Apaxil I have completely solved my underarm sweating problem

I've been using Apaxil for over a week and I have to say it has completely solved my "underarm sweat" problem. I was very incredulous and didn't feel like spending any more money unnecessarily, as I have done in the past. But as soon as I tried the night version I saw that there was nothing, no halo, no form of water under my armpits.
It may seem absurd but for me it was unthinkable to wear something that wasn't black or white, and not having the sensation of wetness under my armpits all the time. I look at them every day in the mirror and say: "I can't believe it! I've felt embarrassment and discomfort for years...". The night version sometimes gives a bit annoying tingling and irritated my armpit, but I've seen that I can also put it once every two days and now it's better.

Thank you!!! I feel like another person!!!

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