You have changed my life! Thank you from my heart, Apaxil

I bought Apaxil armpits night after reading the testimonials but I was skeptical. I sweat so much, much too much. In winter I have sweat patches on my shirt, not to mention in the summer! In my wardrobe I only had black and white clothes, no blue-green colours, etc. My work leads me to have contact with the public all day and I often had to change several times. I've tried everything. I was thinking about the operation but one day I read about Apaxil. Let's try, I thought. I wrote an e-mail first and they answered immediately, asking me to let them know how I got on. Here I am: after the first applications I didn't even have a drop of sweat. I was and am incredulous, I still don't believe it. Miracle! You have changed my life! All these years I've been depriving myself of some things because I was shy and I was ashamed of my sweat! I don't know how to thank you! Thank you so much! Roberto

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